Camp Don Bosco:

Day Camp

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Day Camp (K-9)

Experience all the activities Camp Don Bosco has to offer and return home every night to share stories of archery, the pool and water slide, hiking, fort building, and a campfire with s’mores and songs!  Rest up for the next day of more fun and adventure! With each age group campers progress to more choices and bigger challenges.  Bus transportation to camp is available from Seattle and Bellevue daily for $75 a week.


·       Don Bosco: Drop off: 8am-8:30am I Pick Up: 4:00pm-4:30pm

·       Seattle Bus : Drop-off 7:15am | Pick Up 5:00pm | St. John, Seattle | 120 N 79th St, Seattle, WA 98103

·       Bellevue Bus: Drop-off 8:10am | Pick Up 4:15pm | St Madeline Sophie | 4400 130th Place SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

·       Week 1+2 Kirkland Bus: Drop-off 8:15am | Pick Up 4:15pm | Holy Family Kirkland | 7300 120th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033


Horses: Horsemanship has never been so much fun! Each camper will be assigned a horse for the week that they will play games on horseback, learn more through ground lessons, and even take on a trail ride.

  • Pony Pals (1-2): One on one instruction helps campers have a fun positive riding experience.

  • Horsin’ Around 1 (3-5): Beginner to intermediate riders build confidence and skills with horses.

  • Horsin’ Around 2 (6-9): Experienced riders and older beginners will be able to sharpen their skills.


Take Aim: Improve aim and have fun by learning a variety a target based sports, including archery, laser tag, sling shots, and more.

  • Arrowheads (K-2): Learn marksmanship and have fun.

  • Take Aim 1 (3-5): Improve marksmanship techniques including  aim and hand-eye coordination.

  • Take Aim 2 (6-9): Campers have fun playing more advanced games that use critical thinking and more technique.


Splash: Jump into a splash-filled week of water adventures and classic camp activities.

  • Guppies (K-2): Double the fun with extra time in our heated pool, splash pad, and slide.

  • Splash 1 (3-5): Get extra time in the pool, play a variety of exciting games!

  • Splash 2 (6-9): Get extra time in the pool to practice and improve your swim skills!


Build Discover Innovate: Imagination and creativity have campers using STEM skills to build and construct works of all kinds from Legos to wood working.

  • Lil’ Builders (K-2): Every day is spent learning new skills and putting them into practice through different types of hands on projects.

  • Build Discover Innovate 1 (3-5): Campers learn new skills to assist their imagination as they build, construct, and create at camp. 

  • Build Discover Innovate 2 (6-9): These advanced builders get to show off their creativity while practicing safety as they create at camp. 


Animal Camp: Encounter the wonders of animals from the Pacific Northwest and beyond through workshops with local experts and expeditions to study and track wildlife.

  • Wild Things (K-2): Learn about what animals live in the forest around us by going on mini nature walks and learning about signs of animal life. 

  • Born To Be Wild 1 (3-5): For the animal-lovers out there, this program is perfect for you! Learn about wildlife that live locally through hikes and lessons at camp. 

  • Born To Be Wild 2 (6-9): Become a wildlife tracker and look for signs of wildlife at camp while learning techniques for gathering data. 


High School Leadership


Spend one fun-filled week learning how to become a great camp counselor.  Activities include workshops, job shadowing, and leading some camp activities.  Campers are able to return to serve additional camp weeks. Day camp Counselors in Training go home each evening.  (Note: Day camp Counselors in Training go home each evening.)


Spend one fun-filled week learning how to become a great camp counselor and role model.  Activities include workshops, job shadowing, leading camp activities and helping train CIT and WIT campers during their training week, as well as helping to lead and guide them throughout the summer.  Campers are able to return to serve additional camp weeks. (Note: Day camp Counselors in Training go home each evening.)

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