Shaune Randles

cyo camp director

Shaune comes from the Seattle area and fell in love with CYO Summer Camps when he worked there in the late 90's.  After some time with the YMCA and owning his own restaurant in Kirkland, he found his way back to CYO in 2009 as a program director.  He is dedicated to growing the programs and mission of the Catholic Church in Western Washington.  In his free time he likes to spend time with his wife, Caitlin, and their three kids Kiernan, JP, and Riley.  They enjoy the outdoors and sharing God's creation with others! 

Terri Schell

cyo camp assistant director

Terri studied Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  After working as an educator at the local aquarium, she flew out to Seattle for a job as an Environmental Educator at Camp Hamilton.  She just couldn't leave the area and has been with us ever since, taking over the Environmental Education program a few years ago and overhauling it to exceed Washington state education standards.  When she isn't working hard for CYO, she enjoys hiking the trails and spending time with friends.  She is an avid environmental steward and helps keep our camps going green!

Danny Grasseschi

RENTAL + FOOD Services manager

Danny has been a life long member of the CYO Summer Camp community!  After attending camp growing up, he began working as soon as he could.  Upon receiving his degree in Music from Western Washington University, he worked at a local bakery before the call of CYO brought him back.  He's been revamping and improving our programs every day since.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the outdoors and plays the bass in a band!


Garrett Hendricks

program specialist

Garrett is passionate about camping and helping kids discover their true potential.  He grew up through the program and came to work full time a few years ago after finishing his degree in English at Western Washington University.  He assistant directs our Environmental Education program in the spring and directs the Nanamakee program in the summer.  Outside of CYO he is an avid supporter of our national parks and is the lead singer for Garrett and the Sheriffs!



Kay Bodmer

program specialist

Kay is another long time member of the CYO camping community!  She joined the team recently and has been helping with a lot of the office organization and management.  Recently she was one of our tripping directors with Nanamakee and an Environmental Education Educator.  She loves the horse program and is always willing to step up and help.  After graduating from the University of Portland, she spent two years volunteering in Nicaragua where she learned to speak Spanish.  When she isn't at camp, she spends time with her family at their cabin in Eastern Washington.


Megan Raymond

Admin + employment

Megan is passionate about being a mother to Mason and Melanie in addition to her her love for camping.  She works part time and handles the majority of our office administration and human resource needs.  After 20 years of working in camping, she has worked nearly every position out there.  While she spent a few summers with Camp Sealth on Vashon Island, we were lucky when she returned in 2006.  When not at camp, she likes to spend time with her husband Rocky and their kids out exploring the Pacific Northwest.

CYO Rocky.jpg

Rocky Raymond

equestrian coordinator

The horse program at camp dates back to the 80's and with the recent purchase of the horses CYO needed to find someone with experience in camp and horses.  Rocky has been with CYO since he started at Camp Cabrini.  He's been working with horses for over 20 years and joined the team as year round staff this winter.  When he isn't working with the horses he enjoys spending time with his two kids Mason and Melanie.   They enjoy trips to the ocean and exploring the Pacific Northwest in their camper.


Matt Randles

maintenance tech